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Sunday, 5 August 2007

Kitchen Tips

Store rice flour and basin in a polythene cover in refrigerator when to store it for a long time.

Put some neem leaves and turmeric pieces or garlic flakes or dry red chilies to the container where you store rice or grains, in order to keep away insects.

Use kitchen scissors to chop fresh mint, chillies and coriander finely and without any mess.

To remove tea or coffee stains from pans or cups, rub the stained area with a little salt and wash it.

To unclog a drain, mix a cup of salt with a cup of baking soda. Pour these into the drain, and then run a kettle of boiling water.

When an egg is dropped on floor, cover it with salt and leave it for 2 minutes. Then easy to clean with kitchen tissue or paper.

A handful of salt added to water while washing glass ware will make them cleaner and sparkling clear.

Arrange your kitchen cabinets with old newspapers and then arrange the bottles and spices, its easy to discard when it becomes messy and can easily replaced with fresh ones.

Always use long handled spatula or spoon while stir-frying food in a pressure cooker. To avoid burning your hand.

Always warm dry spices like cumin seeds, cardamom, cloves, etc. on a frying pan before powdering. They will grind faster and the powder will be finer.

Always keep chapathi or parotta or poori dough covered with a moist cloth to avoid from drying.
To defrost chilled dishes fast, dip the container halfway into hot water for a few seconds and then it will defrost fast.

Keep a little powdered cashewnuts or couscous (KasaKasa)handy in a bottle to add to gravies to make it thick.

While cutting jackfruit apply little oil to the knife as well as your hands. It will cut easily and prevent your hands and the knife from getting sticky.


Shella said...

Good tips Divya.

kitchen queen said...

Hi ur tips are very handy and useful. You can visit my blog and view my recipes.